Reputation tools

These sites will help you check your sender reputation – a great starting point when troubleshooting delivery issues. It’s noted whether the tool checks IP reputation, domain rep, or both. (IP address)

This site, powered by Return Path, provides a score of your IP’s reputation between 1-100. The higher the score, the better your sender reputation is likely to be. While this score doesn’t directly correlate to your deliverability, it provides a good measuring stick for your reputation. Think of it like an academic grade: if you’re close to 100 you’re doing most things right; if you’re below 70 you’re probably failing the class. (IP address and domain)

Cisco’s SenderBase provides an email reputation and web reputation value for each IP address or domain. These values fall into three categories: Good, Neutral, or Poor, but the values are actually much more granular behind the scenes. SenderBase analyzes many data points including web and email data, traffic volume, spam reports, and sending patterns to generate a score that gives a good representation of your domain or IP’s standing.

BarracudaCentral (IP address and domain)

Barracuda Central is a database of IP address and domain reputation based on data from Barracuda’s reputation network. This tool provides insight on whether the given IP or domain has a poor reputation or is in Barracuda’s block list. If your IP or domain is listed, you can also request a reputation reset from this page.

ReputationAuthority (IP address and domain)

Borderware’s ReputationAuthority tool provides its own reputation score (1-100) and grade on a sliding scale from Good to Bad. They also provide ISP information for the domain, email data indicating the percentage of valid users as well as spam or suspicious email, and blocklistings. If the domain has a poor reputation, you can also request that it be reset to Neutral so Borderware can re-evaluate based on the most current data.

TrustedSource (Domain)

Now a part of Intel Security, McAfee’s TrustedSource provides information on whether a given domain exists in McAfee’s web database. By checking the domain, you can see its listing, categorization, and a simple reputation rating indicating whether the site poses minimal, moderate, or high risk levels.