Get Ready for Deliverability 101!

Question BoxOn May 27th, I presented a webinar with WhatCounts titled Deliverability 101: Back to the Basics. This webinar covered many of the core ideas and concepts of deliverability including bounces, mail filters, spam traps, and inbox delivery. The turnout for the session was excellent, and the content drew so many questions that time wasn’t available to answer them all.

Starting next week, I’ll be diving deeper into some of those same topics, both here and at the WhatCounts blog. Some of the posts will be based on questions received during the webinar, and questions or comments received on the posts as they progress. This will be an ongoing series designed to provide an easy point of reference for anyone in the email industry to get a basic education in the science (or is it art?) of deliverability.

If you’d like to download the WhatCounts webinar, you can find it here.

Also, if you’d like a bit of insight into my daily delivery activities and thoughts on the industry, check out this Q&A with Ashley Hinds of

– Brad Gurley


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