Roadrunner FBLs shut down

320px-1968_road_runner_emblem_vaThanks to Laura at Word to the Wise for the official heads up that the Roadrunner (Time Warner Cable) FBL has been turned off as of today, meaning no more spam complaint data will be sent from Roadrunner’s servers to mail senders.

Personally, I would consider this a good opportunity to check your list for addresses to gauge potential impact, as well as making sure your unsubscribe link is prominent and functioning properly. Since Roadrunner users who lodge spam complaints will now remain on your list, you want to be sure you make it as easy as possible for them to unsubscribe and avoid that Spam button.

It’s not uncommon to still have a number of Roadrunner addresses throughout your list, particularly if you’ve been collecting email addresses for a few years. If so, it could also be a good indicator that it’s time to run some engagement metrics or a campaign to encourage recipients to update their information.

– BG


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