451 Temporarily unable to process

For those of you who spend a lot of time reviewing mail server bounce logs, the title of this post might be somewhat familiar. For those who don’t, it represents a transient bounce (or ‘soft’ bounce, tempfail) indicating the receiving server is unable to process the current message for one reason or another. And while it references a technical SMTP response, this post is actually about something very non-technical: my absence from new posts on this site.

As this is meant to be a site for industry advice, I’ll keep this more “personal” post short and sweet.

In a lot of ways, the past 2 years have placed unprecedented levels of stress on so many of us. For me, the motivation to do all those “extra things” — like creating useful content and engaging more in the email community — often came up short in light of everything happening in the world. It took quite a while to recover that particular drive, but I’m ready to start actively sharing and resuming an increased level of activity.

For the TL:DR crowd, just know that I’m back and working to provide more useful information and industry advice. Thanks for reading and it’s good to be back!

– Brad


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